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    Domain and Range
    Evaluating Function Rules
    Function Rule Table of Values
    Identifying Functions

Domain and Range:
Name Type Description Funsheet Key Standard Key
Domain and Range from Graphs Standard Given a graph, students will state the domain and range.
Finding Range Given Domain Riddle Students will find the range given a set of domain values.
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Evaluating Function Rules:
Name Type Description Funsheet Key Standard Key
Evaluating function rules Word Find Some fractions and exponents.
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Function Rule Table of Values:
Name Type Description Funsheet Key Standard Key
Function rules and their tables Standard Part 1: Complete table of values for given function rule. Part 2: Given a table of values, identify corresponding function rule (mult. choice).
Function Rules from Table Riddle Identify function rule given a table. Some fraction and exponent function rules. Funsheet is multiple choice, standard is open ended.
Tables from function rules Standard Given a function rule, students will identify the table(s) that contain only values that are true for that function.
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Identifying Functions:
Name Type Description Funsheet Key Standard Key
Identifying functions from graphs Riddle Given a graph, determine if it is a graph of a function or not.
Identifying functions from set of ordered pairs Riddle Given a set of ordered pairs, students will determine if it is a function.
Identifying Functions: Mapping, Table, Graph, Ordered Pairs Standard Given data in one of the following forms: Graph, Ordered Pairs, Table, or Mapping Diagram students will create the other three and determine whether or not it is a function.