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End of Course Review


    Vocabulary Review

Name Type Description Funsheet Key Standard Key
Review 1 Quotes Evaluating expressions, solving equations, proportions, percents, radicals, distance, linear and quadratic equations, systems, exponents, polynomials.
Review 2 Riddle Functions, solving equations, properties, linear and quadratic equations, statistics, radicals, systems.
Review 3 Standard Matrices, linear and quadratic equations, systems, inequalities, absolute value, function, system of inequalities, exponents, polynomials and factoring.
Review 4 Quotes Absolute Value Equations/Inequalities, Distributive, Polynomials, Systems, Monomials and Exponents, Linear Equations.
Review 5 Standard Matrices, linear equations, statistics, functions, pythagorean theorem.
Review 6 Riddle Inequalities, Scientific Notation, Factoring, Linear Equations, Functions, Statistics.
Review 7 Standard Equations, inequalities, linear equations, systems, quadratics, properties
Review 8 Standard Multiple choice. Inequalities, slope, equations, scientific notation, algebraic expressions, systems, rational expressions, radicals, factoring, polynomials
Review 9 Standard Scientific notation, factoring, functions, domain, range, quadratic graphs, verbal expressions, direct variation, radicals
Review10 Standard Mean, median, mode, box and whiskers and matrices.
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Vocabulary Review:
Name Type Description Funsheet Key Standard Key
Review Crossword Crossword Students review algebra related vocabulary.